TV’s Steamiest Sex Scenes of All Time

Sexual graphics in television have become prevalent for the past several years due to the progressive open-mindedness of the viewers. The producers and directors have swayed the previous boundaries and set the equality on television shows with straight and same-sex relationships. The world has become less prude so watching TV with other members of the family has led to numerous embarrassing scenarios.

Listed below are some of the lewdest, iconic, and transgressive sexual scenes in television in the history.

Game of Thrones: Kissed by Fire

One of the most significant scenes in this episode was when Jon Snow broke his vow as a Night’s Watch when he made love with the wildling, Ygritte.

Ygritte stole the sword of Jon, the Longclaw, and led him to the nearby cave with a natural hot spring pool and a waterfall. She slowly removed her robe and ensured that Jon is on the side of the wildlings by making him violate his oath of celibacy — the Night’s Watch’s vow. Ygritte walked towards Jon naked, but he was hesitant and shy since he had no experience before. The infamous line “You know nothing, Jon Snow” originated in this episode before Ygritte stopped mid-line when Jon performed oral sex on her.

Outlander: The Wedding

The most anticipated episode of the series unfolded with the fixed marriage between Claire and Jamie. On the post-ceremony, Claire sat on the bed while waiting for Jamie to arrive. When he entered, she offered him a drink which led from one liquor to another. Jamie touched the heart of Claire when he assures her that he will protect her with his name, family, and body against Black Jack. They talked for several hours, and Claire took the cue to go to bed since it was getting late. Jamie undressed Claire, and she did the same. He told her that he was a virgin as he pushed her onto the bed and thrust numerous times.

Jessica Jones: AKA Ladies Night

The interracial sex scene between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage on the third episode of the self-titled series empowered women viewers. Jessica Jones was a former superhero-turned-detective who suffered from a traumatic domestic and sexual harassment at a young age. However, it did not stop her from showcasing her dominance, power, passion, and vigor during her their bed-breaking scenario with her fellow superhero, Luke Cage.

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