Hollywood Celebs that have done porn

Since free porn is all the rage in today’s world, it’s to no surprise to see that it’s raising up to the mainstream, this view of adult entertainment has been growing steadily throughout the years, where today pornstars are stars in the true meaning of the word, having fans, doing signings, meet ups, stirring controversy etc. The line between a movie star and a porn star is becoming ever thinner, this has lead to quite a bit of mixing between these two categories which used to be completely separate. Today we’re here to show you the uncanny Hollywood Celebrities that have done porn in their lives.

Jackie Chan

While most of us know Jackie Chan from his acting days, this Chinese film star has had his slightly dirtier deals than making martial arts comedies for a living. Jackie Chan was, before his acting career, quite down on his luck in his hometown, Hong Kong, in fact the times were so rough for young Jackie Chan that he decided it was time to strip for a camera and do porn, Jackie has only ever done one porn film, this is because his acting career launched soon after, however if it hadn’t, who knows?

Sasha Grey

Now this should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that hasn’t been living under a rock for the past few years. During her time in porn, Sasha Grey was one of the most watched pornstars in the world, ranking near the peak of every top list. Now however, she has retired from the world of porn and begun doing movies, and these are no amateur production movies either, it appears as if it takes a similar amount of skill to fake an orgasm while 17 men with gigantic penises are gangbanging you as it does to act in a feature-length Hollywood film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

If there was a list for ‘Actors you don’t THINK have ever done porn’ Arnie would probably be near the peak of this list. Even we were quite shocked to see that Arnold has done porn, given that his acting career has been nothing short of incredibly lucrative for him. Arnold has repeatedly modeled for gay porn magazines, this might not surprise some given Arnold’s past statements about gay people. Arnold modeled quite successfully for the gay magazine ‘after dark’ before he was elected in California.

Matt LeBlanc

Most may know him as Joey Tribbiani in one of the most popular sitcoms ever created, “Friends” however Matt himself has done quite a bit more. While given his persona in “Friends” this development isn’t all that surprising, his acting start was in the softcore series “The Red Shoe Diaries”, the series star then made his way in and out of the sitcom business, and although none of his future endeavors were as successful as “Friends” was, most of them got some success and this has firmly cemented LeBlanc as one of the biggest comedy stars of today’s acting world.